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YSONG YS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. is highly credited for its technical skills and business abilites in the field of interior construction. We always give our best effort to make creative construction and new challenges.

YSONG YS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Has grown with constant endeavor to adapt to the world change. we have been doing our fole in many interior constructions, Industrial partition or wall. Consequently, YSONG YS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. came to be trusted for its skills and business. 

Business philisophy of YSONG YS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. is to economically and effectively provide its product and highest quality service. We offer the highest service quality in cost, safety, scheduling, planning and maintenance. 

YSONG YS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. covers various needs of various customers including design, construction, test and operations by diverse experience and our own custom-tailored service.

Customer satisfaction is the first prioriity for us and we promise that will constantly strive for pleasant residing culture with its high-quality product and service.

History of our company

- Established in 2.December.2007

- YSONG.Y.S.PANEL.Co.Ltd Established in 11.March.2015